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Congratulations on the successful completion of the XINHE electronic automation exhibition of the nineteenth Guzhen International Lighting Fair

 March 31, 2017 Guzhen International Lighting Fair in the lights are the town of the Convention and Exhibition Center successfully concluded! Zhongshan Xinhe Electronic Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is invited to participate in the exhibition, showing the automation industry and lighting industry tailor-made LED bulb automatic assembly line, in the consolidation of the existing cooperative relationship on the basis of a large number of potential Customers, to open up new markets laid the foundation.

The picture shows the exhibitors to our booth to see our equipment

The exhibition area is strong,  the exhibition area is 12,800 square meters, the General Assembly a total of 203 exhibitors, 4 days during the show, a total of 11,683 visitors, of which 246 overseas visitors, covering industry Cluster Asia, Africa, Latin America and other regions.

During the exhibition, the town party committee secretary Liu Jianhui and the Guzhen  people's congress chairman Yuan Songhua and his party in person to visit the exhibition to guide the exhibition site work, and with the exhibitors cordial conversation. The exhibition hall is full of new technology, new intelligence, new materials are very pleasantly surprised, and give full recognition.

Secretary Liu said: Light Fair in innovative development, but also to the majority of exhibitors to build a better business platform. Guzhen manufacturing and trade exhibition of independent development, so that more professional manufacturing equipment enterprises to bring the revolutionary upgrade, speed up the town of lighting industry manufacturing to "industrial 4.0" development.

Our salesman warmly introduces our equipment to Liu Jianhui, the party secretary of Guzhen Town.

The picture shows our salesman with customers

 With the pace of industrial progress, the growing market demand, the concept of science and technology service production gradually enjoys popular support, lighting industry has begun to move from the traditional to smart, from a single style to diversification. In particular, automation, digital, personalized products, has become the trend of this exhibition trend, sought after boom.

The current domestic human and material costs continue to rise to the lighting manufacturing industry to bring a greater test of survival, how to use more efficient, low cost of automation technology to provide customers with high-quality manufacturing process solutions to customers of products The value of the upgrade, thereby increasing market competitiveness, which is the new and automated efforts have been the direction;

To this end, this exhibition we show the development of new products based on customer demand: LED bulb lights automatic assembly line.

The equipment is suitable for a variety of LED bulb fully automated assembly and manufacturing, according to the demand side to provide the sample specifications, can be completely replaced by artificial such as: automatic pressure plate, install the lamp, cut line, pressure needle, Bubble shell, aging, testing, marking, packaging and other processes, and customized according to customer demand for integrated intelligent production line! Can save manpower cost of more than 70 percent, the product pass rate of 99%, and equipment performance and stability, easy operation and easy to use, low maintenance costs; the customer's investment in a shorter time to get paid!

At this time is the money of the community, our equipment allows customers in the same time to create more capacity, more reliable product quality, priority than the opponent step.

During the exhibition, our booth attracted a large number of exhibitors stopped, the staff has been full of enthusiasm and serious attitude to communicate with exhibitors and introduce our products.



Participants at the meeting after a certain understanding, have shown a strong intention to cooperate.

The Guzhen International Lighting Fair has been completely pull down the curtain, focused on the lighting of its cross-border industry prospects, to stimulate the market unlimited business opportunities.

In the future, Zhongshan XINHE electronic equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. continue to keep up with the market dynamics, Show to the world that "made in China" to "China to create" transformation and upgrading!

Xinhe automation, Thank  you! 

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