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LED Aging Line Failure And Elimination

There are three types of LED aging line common faults, they are ① line leakage trip ② voltage display abnormal ① line card chain

The troubleshooting is as follows:

① If the line body leakage trip, first turn off all the control switch, the line body does not run, gradually turn on the district voltage switch, a trip phenomenon occurs and find the line segment corresponding to the voltage region. Turn off the chain plate switch, check that the chain plate on the wire is loose or exposed, conductive block is off, found the above situation, turn off all the power, conductive block can be reset.

② voltage display is abnormal, first check white-shaped insurance seat in the electrical control box, if found on the insurance seat flashing red, immediately turn off the power, open the flash fuse to replace fuse.

③ line card chain running abnormally, chain transmission occurs mainly due to insufficient lubrication, maintenance should be once every 6 months, reducer check the fuel consumption of a quarterly, weekly clean-up of dust and copper wire on the conductive track.

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