How to Reduce The Cost of Reflow Soldering Machine?
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How to Reduce The Cost of Reflow Soldering Machine?

How to reduce reflow soldering machine production costs? We can describe from the insulation properties of equipment, cavity sealing, pumping exhaust, maintenance of several aspects.

1. the thermal insulation properties of equipment
Reflow soldering machine furnace surface temperature of the device should be less than 60 degrees, if you feel hot, the thermal insulation performance of the reflow furnace is poor, a large number of energy into heat dissipated out of unnecessary waste of energy. 
2.the cavity seal
Furnace cavity warpage, equipment leakage will directly result in a linear increase of electricity, so the equipment sealing is essential for the cost of production control. 
3.pumping exhaust
If the equipment does not have a good flux management system, flux discharge depends on the completion of exhaust ventilation, the equipment also discharges heat and nitrogen, which directly contributes to an increase in energy consumption.
4.maintenance costs
Reflow ovens have high production efficiency in high-volume continuous production, In order to reduce maintenance costs, lead-free reflow equipment should be modular design as far as possible, provide convenience for the equipment maintenance and repair.

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