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Reflow Process Has Requirements for Reflow Equipment

Reflow soldering also known as reflow welding, it refers to re-melting soft solder on the PCB, achieve surface mount components, in order to achieve a certain reliability of circuit functions. Reflow soldering is pre-welded portion in an appropriate form and cast the right amount of solder paste is then put surface-mount components, the use of an external heat source to achieve solder reflow soldering requirements carried out by a group or spot welding process.

Reflow process has requirements for reflow equipment, the important reflow soldering machine is reflux stoves. Good reflux stoves are an important part to ensure good process, it can be assessed from the following features.
1.The heating efficiency;
2.The thermal stability (including temperature and wind speed, wind) and the heat capacity;
3.Cooling speed;
4.airflow penetration energy and stream coverage and uniformity;
5.The length of the zone and the number of heating zones;
6.Cool regulatability and ventilation requirements;

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