Aging Test of LED Drive Power Aging Vehicles
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Aging Test of LED Drive Power Aging Vehicles

Aging test of power generally refers to sustained work at full capacity of the power for a long time. Typically 24 hours or 48 hours, of course, it can be 0 hours or 1 hour, it seems the pursuit of quality and cost requirements.
Products on the production line, most of them have a complete design and its functionality can be directly put into use, but why do we need aging test? Product quality theory tells us that product failure have taken place early and late of use. The end is the normal life of the product, we can’t control, but early can be controlled, that is aging test. If one LED drive power aging vehicle can work for one day without fail, then it is likely to be able to work for a year, maybe it will follow you for many years, in fact, this is the result of aging tests have been passed.

Thermostatic LED drive power aging vehicles

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