LED Bulb Automatic Assembly Production Line
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Advantages of LED Bulb Automatic Assembly Production Line

1.LED bulb automatic assembly production line has the module design, flexible & diversified, could meet most technical-processes in the market.
2.Set automatic warehouse Burn-in system, reduce manual loading and unloading.
3. Burn-in voltage、Burn-in time can be set and switch by computer , do a long continuous light or short flash timing control.
4. Replace the manual to do automatic electrical and optical testing, automatically record testing value, choice failure product and thrown into defective products area, qualified product transfer into the storage area or in series next station.
5. Static electrical testing, depending on different product to adjust testing parameters, testing stability high.
6. Can be used with designated electrical test and optical test instrument , according to customer needs.
7. Barcode system supported for process monitoring and recording.
8. Program database record testing data, to facilitate follow-up and analysis of statistical data. 


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