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Why Does Wave Soldering Machine Need Maintenance?

Because of the rapid development of market economy, the electronics industry has developed rapidly, all kinds of machinery are more competitive, mechanical maintenance can extend the life, and improve production quality, efficiency and  utilization.

Wave soldering machine maintenance mainly from the following four aspects:
The first is mechanical parts of wave soldering machine, if the machine running too long without maintenance, there will be loose screws, gears and roller become loose, slow down the speed of the chain, drive shaft may rust to result in deformation of the track, occur more problems.
The second is spray part of wave soldering machine, if does not maintain for spray system after long production, will lead to failure of photoelectric sensors, PLC program control is not accurate, not only affects the quality of the furnace, but also increases the maintenance work.
The third is electrical parts of the machine, if the machine is not overhaul or replace some parts, will produce electrical components insulation resistance increases, so that the conductive performance is not good, poor connection, or even short-circuit, may be burned electrical components, instrumentation.
The last one is heat pipe section, if you did not maintain and replace heat pipe, it will appear uneven heating temperature, heating tube may be aging, SMT reflow oven will affect the patch element welding effect.
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