Wave Soldering Machine Temperature
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Wave Soldering Machine Temperature

Wave soldering machine principle is very simple, but to get a good solder joint in production, it is necessary to control the process parameters strictly, any improper parameter setting will produce poor welding. The use of lead-free solder bring new features for wave soldering technology and equipment. For example, gave the wave soldering bring high soldering temperatures.
First, the melting point of the main lead-free solder high 44 ℃ than traditional SnPb, the maximum temperature of heating device can also be a corresponding increase of at least 44 ℃, equipment, materials and structural design must have a good heat resistance, no deformation at high temperatures.
Secondly, lead-free wave soldering temperature is higher, to reduce the thermal shock of the printed circuit board assembly in contact with the peak time, need to increase the warm-up time. For heating mode, the basic way of thermal radiation to preheat, the most commonly used method for preheating is wave soldering forced hot air convection, convection electric panels, electric heating rods and infrared heating. 


Wave Soldering (Short-lead Operation)

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