Economy Wave Soldering Machine-Wave Soldering Machine
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Economy Wave Soldering Machine
Economy Wave Soldering Machine

Wave Soldering Machine also named Wave Oven Machine, Wave Oven Equipment, SMT Wave Oven,SMT Wave Oven Machine, SMT Wave Oven Equipment. which belong to household electrical appliances production equipment.

Wave Soldering Machine Technical Parameters (long-lead operation)
Model  XH-LF300H1 
(Automatic high peak furnace)
(Automatic dip tin furnace)
Control  Touch-screen Intelligent Control
PCB board size  Max.300mm
AM device  Two Groups of Precision Leading  Screw Amplitude Modulation,Manual Control
Transmission speed  Max.3000mm/min
Standard  capacity  1500mm/min Standard speed 
running production
1500mm/min equivalent orbital speed, 
uninterrupted run off welding production
Pre-heating  Zone Length:1200mm (600*2independently control temperature),
Pre-heating  Method Double-section,Infrared Pre-heating (with high-temperature glass) (optional)
Metal structure,No visible window insulation cover
Pre-heating  Cover ambient temperature ~350℃
Furnace  nozzle  Nozzle effective width 300mm (fixed) Nozzle effective width: 150 ~ 300mm
(manually adjustable)
PCB  board  transfer  direction  From left to right & from right to left
PCB  Conveyor  height  750±20mm
PCB  board  solder  angle  0~1°
Rosin  spray  pressure /flow  5~6Kgf/c㎡   10~100ml/min
Rosin  capacity  Approx.20 Liters
Nozzle  moves  Stepping motor,seal,straight-line sliding rail style
Air Knife  NO NO
Tin furnace  capacity  300~350Kg 220~260Kg
Dross oxide  content  8~10Kg/8Hr(Estimated) 0.5~1Kg/20Hr(Estimated)
Furnace  frame  Move up and down or into and out 
by simple manual screw rod 
Pneumatic plate cam lift,
move into and out by manual
Cooling  Mode Cooling by natural air on axial fan board
Apply solder  type  Lead-free solder/ Normal solder Lead-free solder/ Normal solder
Normal /  starting  power  Approx.5KW/18KW Approx.4.5KW/16KW
Power  supply  Three-phase Five-wire System 380V 50/60Hz
Dimensions  L3300*W1200*H1480 L3500*W1200*H1480
Weight 1300Kg 1400Kg
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