LED Power Automatic Test System-LED Power Automatic Test System
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LED Power Automatic Test System
LED Power Automatic Test System

ATE-812D LED power automatic test system which is best for testing LED power, can support test many articles at the same time to improve production capacity dramatically. It also can choose many kinds of hardwares including AC or DC power supplies, precision digital power meter, PCI interface functional card, sensor unit, sensor module and the first special electronic load designed for LED powe output load in the dustry.

Output test
◆  DC output voltage                              
◆ DC output current  
◆ Ripple current (Peak-Peak and RMS)              
◆Dimming current                                  
◆Dimming Frequency           
◆Light cycle                                      
◆Test adjustment
Input test
◆Inrush current test                                     
     ◆Test adjustment Input RMS current
       ◆Test adjustment Input peak current                       
       ◆Test adjustment Input power
       ◆Test adjustment Input harmonic current                 
       ◆Test adjustment Input power factor
       ◆Test adjustment Input voltage ramp up/down test           
       ◆Test adjustment Input frenquecy ramp up/down test
       ◆Test adjustment Input power cut test                  
       ◆Test adjustment Input power distorted simulation

Stability test
        ◆Current stability
        ◆Voltage stability
        ◆Comprehensive stability
 Time and instantaneous test
        ◆Turn-on time
        ◆Hold-up time

  Protection test
        ◆Short test
        ◆ OV protection
        ◆OL protection
        ◆OP protection

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